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Neptonics 1.5lb Quick Weight

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Have you ever jumped in the water and realized you're a bit heavy or too light, but you don't feel like taking the time to restrict your weight belt? Add or remove these quick weights from your belt and get back to spearfishing or freediving.

These are fast and easy and enable you to be in control of your weight, depending on water depth and preferences. Each quick weight is 1.5 lbs.

If you ever need to replace the rubber loop, we offer a refurbish kit that includes the rubber and the spheres needed to lock the rubber in place.

  • Neptonics free-dive weights enable you to conveniently adjust your weight on the go

  • Add or remove these quick weights from your belt

  • Replace the rubber loop with our refurbish kit

  • Each quick weight is 1.5 lbs

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