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Neptonics Carbon Tinted Mask

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The Neptonics Carbon Tinted Mask is the perfect solution for the stealthy diver trying to find the edge on reef fish. This mask is comfortable and effective. The tinted lenses help keep fish that are easily spooked from seeing your eyes move. The mask has a low volume which makes it a valuable mask for freediving and spearfishing. This mask is very reasonably priced for all of its amazing features.

A tinted mask has become an important piece of dive gear for many divers. Some divers swear the tented lenses are one of the key differences in not scaring reef fish that a wary of divers, especially divers that are spearfishing. Those divers believe that the eyes of a diver darting around remind these fish of predatory behavior, and fish do what they do around predators. They hide. The defective lenses cut down on what fish can see behind those lenses. The tinted mask lenses also increase contrast underwater. This gives the diver the ability to see some fish they may have otherwise never seen.

The Neptonics Carbon Tinted Mask is very low volume. Low volume masks are important, especially for freedivers. As divers descend underwater they need to exhale into their mask through their nose to prevent mask squeeze. The lower the volume of the mask the less air they need to breath into their mask. That air can then stay in their lungs and be used by the rest of the diver's body to stay underwater longer.

Neptonics Carbon Tinted Mask Features:

  • Tempered Glass Lenses

  • Tinted and Reflective Lenses

  • Carbon Fiber Frame

  • Comfortable Silicone Skirt

  • Low Volume

Read more about why divers like low volume and tinted lens mask on the Neptonics Spearfishing Academy in the post: Picking The Right Mask For Freediving

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