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Neptonics Crimping Kits

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Neptonic Systems is proud to offer the Deluxe Hand Crimper as part of our Crimping Kit. This crimper is ideal for crimping mono and stainless steel cable. Hardened for durability, these crimpers are ideal for rigging your speargun. Neptonic Systems offers the hand-crimping tool with the correctly sized compression jaws to properly crimp 200lb mono, 300lb mono 400lb mono as well as Stainless Steel Cable and our famous Ultra Thin Stainless Steel Coated Cable.

Each complete crimping kit includes

  • Stainless Steel Crimping Tools

  • 200 feet mono

  • 25 crimps

Our crimping tool is a must have for any serious spearfishing enthusiast. The Crimping Tool is a valuable addition to your spearfishing tools. Need help or crimping tips? Contact us & get your questions answered by Avid Spearos.

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