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Neptonics Custom Speargun Power Bands

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We make your power bands the same day you order them so they are always fresh. All speargun bands are made to order specifically to your specifications. We always have fresh rubber in stock. When we ship your bands you can be assured that you’ll get the most life out them. We store our speargun rubber in a dark climate controlled room to ensure freshness and long life. Bright light and warm temperatures are one of the biggest factors that shortness the life of speargun bands.

We have nearly infinite options for different lengths and options for your custom speargun bands. With three different thickness options, options between small internal diameter and regular internal diameter, as well as six different wishbone options we can meet the needs of your speargun and shaft. Within the wishbone options there is the option to have removable loops to allow for easily adding or removing bands on the boat for closed band slot spearguns. All of the different options are available to enable you to get the best bands for you.

  • Power bands are made to order
  • Super Strong Dyneema wishbones
  • Long Life Rubber

*Please note no refunds or exchanges on custom bands.

For more information about Speargun Power Bands and how they work and when you may want to replace them read this Neptonics Spearfishing Academy article. See how they are made in this video. A great item that can help extend the life of your bands is the Neptonics Speargun Band Cover. It helps protect the bands from the sun and prevents them form abrasion and punctures from spears while in transit.

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