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Neptonics Economy Weight Belt

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The Neptonics Economy Weight Belt combines a great price with durability. This is the perfect weight belt for a new diver or a diver looking for a simple option on weight belts. This belt utilizes the Marseilles style weight belt buckle. This is a key feature for safe freediving. While we hope you never have to ditch your weight belt a Marseilles style buckle is the valuable safety feature that allows the belt to fall away with deliberate action. All it takes is intentionally pulling the remaining belt material outward from the buckle and the Economy Weight belt will fall away from the distressed diver. To a new diver this may sound concerning, but to an experienced diver it is understood how important this feature is.

The Neptonics Economy Weight Belt has a medium stretch. It is not the most stretchy belt, but what it lacks in stretch it makes up for in durability. This belt is tough, plain and simple. It is two inches across, which is ideal for hard diving weights. The streamline design is ideal for all freediving and spearfishing. To see how easy it is to add weights to the belt please see this video on the Neptonics YouTube Channel.

Neptonics Economy Weight Belt Features:

  • Affordable

  • Durable

  • Works with hard dive weights

  • Streamlined design for freediving and spearfishing

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