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Neptonics Epoxy Kit

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The Neptonics Speargun Epoxy Kit is specially formulated for laminating speargun woods and clear-coat finish on spearguns. This epoxy is ultra clarified, which means it won't yellow in the sun or over time like other epoxies. Using Epoxy can be a daunting experience, but this kit helps keep it as simple as possible. This is the perfect epoxy kit for the new speargun builder, but has the quality an experienced builder appreciates. I(f you are wondering if you need to laminate and epoxy your speargun please read this Neptonics Spearfishing Academy Post.

Epoxy Kit Features:

  • Specially formulated epoxy for laminating speargun woods

  • Clarified, which means it won't yellow in the sun or over time like other epoxies

  • Available in two convenient sizes: Standard, and Large

Please call us at 813-867-3250 if you have any questions about this product or laminating your speargun. Our experienced staff will gladly answer any of your question in regard to the epoxy, or any speargun building ideas! See the instructions below for proper use.


    • 2/1 ratio

    • 7 hr hard time @ 78 degrees, 7 days full cure

    • Working time 20 min at 78 degrees

  • General Use

    • Do not thin epoxy

    • Always fully mix epoxy before adding any fillers or pigments

  • Mixing

    • Mix the epoxy slowly and make sure to scrape the sides and bottom to limit bubbles and to get a complete mix

    • Only add pigments or fillers after mixing completely

DO NOT start assembling the gun for at least 4-6 days to give the resin time to cure. The epoxy will be very easy to scratch the first couple days before it has properly cured. Be patient before assembling and using the speargun.

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