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Neptonics Jacketed Dyneema Line

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The Neptonics Jacketed Dyneema Line is the best line out there for reels or shooting line. This line is stiff enough to line easily onto a spear shaft and speargun, but is light enough to not effect your shot! This line is 1.9mm thick, so it is easily put through the shark fin tab on most spear shafts for shooting line. The line is 100% UHMWPE and rated at 680lb test. This is amazing fo0r both reels & shooting line. There are several different color options and each comes in a 50 meter spool.

These spools of Jacketed Dyneema Line come in eight different color options. They are available in Red, White, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Black, and Yellow! This allows you to customize the look and color pallet of your speargun and reel! This line is extremely durable and can handle a rough day of fish fighting to get off a spear shaft. The jacketed line helps reduce abrasions to the dyneema core! You can now fight fish with a line built to last, and with a bit of style!

These spools of Jacketed Dyneema Line are the perfect addition to a rigging kit. The 50 meter spool is the perfect size to be easily transportable on any trip. This line is extremely easy to rig with and all you need is to know one or two simple knots and you can save a dive trip! To learn why this is the perfect line for you simply read "Speargun Rigging - Shooting Line Options" on the Neptonics Spearfishing Academy. It will explain why the Jacketed Dyneema Line is the perfect option for you next spearfishing trip!

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