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Neptonics Load Assist

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The Neptonics Load Assist is a must have accessory for loading roller guns, long spearguns, or for spearfishers with shoulder injuries. It lets you hook the bands. This extends you're reach to get the load started. Once its started simply hook it to the first notch or fin tab on your shaft and then grab your bands to finish the load. We added a tuna clip to it so you can store it on your belt clip point.

The assist is constructed of 5/16" band material, which essentially acts as a band extension. The hook allows the user to snag the wishbone of their speargun and pull back on the load assist like it is a normal band. Then you can use the assist's euro wishbone to notch it into any shaft, American or European. The assist has an incorporated tuna clip to allow for easy attachment to a d-ring on a weight belt. The Neptonics Load Assist is constructed simply. This enables an effective and functional piece of equipment for any diver that finds it useful.

The Neptonics Load Assist comes in three color options. These are Black, Blue, and Green. A diver can pice the best color to access their existing gear, or keep their equipment looking different from their dive buddy's.

This is hands down the best method of loading large spearguns. For an example of how to properly use the Neptonics Load Assist watch this video. For a more in depth explanation of how and when this is valuable read this Neptonics Spearfishing Academy post.

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