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Neptonics P-Tough Freedive Booties

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The Neptonics P-TOUGH Booties are the apex of spearfishing and freediving booties. Engineered for performance, comfort, durability, and protection. The Neptonics P-TOUGH Booties are glued, double blind-stitched, and constructed of materials that withstand the elements. They are essential no matter where your adventures take you. The cut and stitching patterns of the bootie ensure a great fit. The P-Tough are av amiable in high top design to ensure the most protection. The form fit design are specific to left and right feet to ensure the best fit and most comfort of any neoprene sock on the market.

The bootie itself prevent you from getting blisters on your feet or toes. This is an often underrated element of dive booties. It is easy to ruin a dive trip by forgetting a pair of booties and having your fins blister your feet. Many divers even keep a spare pair in their dive bag to make sure they keep their feet safe from blisters. Makes sure to keep your feet in good condition to stay in the water more and land more fish! Get yours today and keep your feet protected from abrasion and blisters.

The P-TOUGH Booties are guaranteed to prevent blisters from freedive fins. They also prevent abrasion from the aquatic environment. The Coated Honeycomb Armor soles and toes help get you to your dive site, no mater what you have to cross to get there. The improved durability They should be in every freediver's dive bag and considered an essential piece of gear.

P-Tough Booties Key Features:

  • Abrasion resistant for durability and comfort

  • Coated Honeycomb Armor soles

  • Keeps your feet protected

  • Available in high top design for the most protection

  • Super-stretch neoprene panel

  • Engineered for endurance, stability, and longevity

  • Prevents blisters and abrasion

  • Available in 2mm and 4mm thickness options

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