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Neptonics Pre-Cut Speargun Blanks

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$234.99 - $459.99
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The Neptonics Pre-Cut Teak Speargun Blanks Kit is everything you need to build your custom speargun. Neptonics Speargun Blanks are made from Teak and are designed for a 2 or 3 power bands. Everything is precut for a perfect fit and alignment. Simply order you blank with the hardware and you can be ready to shoot a speargun of your own design!

If you have ever contemplated building your own speargun this is a great opportunity to start with a quality piece of wood. The trigger alignment, track, and handle pocket are perfectly aligned and ready for easy installation! All you need to do is determine the length speargun you want. Simply cut the speargun blank to the right length. After that drill a brand slot. After that the limits to your speargun are up to your imagination. To see a demonstration of just how easy it is to make a functional speargun from one of the Neptonics Pre-Cut Speargun Blanks watch this video on out Youtube Channel.

Neptonics Pre-Cut Speargun Blanks Features:

  • The trigger pocket is precut.
  • The trigger mounting pin holes are predrilled
  • The handle pocket is precut.
  • The enclosed track is precut
  • The open track is precut
  • All you have to do is cut the blank to length and drill some holes for your power bands

*Please note all blanks are straight and free of warping, Neptonics is not responsible for your warping or any other damages to your custom build.

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