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Neptonics Quantum Stealth Spearfishing Rash Guard Top

Neptonics Quantum Stealth Spearfishing Rash Guard Top

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The Neptonics Quantum Stealth Spearfishing Rash Guard Top, is an elite Lycra to protect you in the warmest of oceans. Its camouflage pattern is blended from the natural colors and beauty of barrier reefs and kelp forests. This unique coloration allows you to blend into almost any fish-rich marine environment.

All of the features of the Neptonics Quantum Stealth Spearfishing Rash Guard Top make it the best spearfishing rash guard top on the market. This means it is jam packed with features to give you the ultimate dive experience.

It is constructed from 10oz Lrycra which is light enough for those harm summer days on the water, but durable enough to outlast other spearfishing rash guard tops. The articulated, elbows, neck, and shoulders allow maximum mobility, flexibility, and comfort.

There is an emergency whistle pouch on the upper-right arm, and a power head pouch on the left forearm.

The elbows have Hex Armor to add durability and grip. The loading pad is 10mm thick to protect your chest when loading any speargun. The loading pad was designed to be thicker than any other rash guard tops loading pad. This reduces the likelihood of getting bruises on your chest from loading your speargun throughout the day.

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Coated honeycomb elbows
  • Super-stretch 10oz Lycra
  • Engineered for endurance, stability, and longevity
  • S.O.S Whistle
  • Power head pouch
  • 10mm loading pad

For more information on why this may be the best option for your diving you should read the Neptonics Spearfishing Academy article about choosing the right wetsuit.

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Neptonics Quantum Stealth Spearfishing Rash Guard Top

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