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Neptonics Spearfishing Belt Clip Point

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Our belt clip points are manufactured in-house at the Neptonics machine shop in Santa Cruz, California. Whether you need to attach stringers, flashlights, or gauges, our belt clip points offer a safe and sturdy attachment point. Made of durable stainless steel, these clip points are designed to meet the needs of any spearfisherman and stay in place on long dives. At Neptonics, all of our in-house products are designed, fabricated, and tested by spearfishermen. We strive to innovate and invent new and better gear for spearfishing. These belt clip points were designed as a simple, durable, and efficient way to haul gear while spearfishing.

  • Simple, durable, and efficient way to haul gear while spearfishing

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel weight belt attachment point

  • Think unbendable from ordinary wear and tear

  • Fits most standard weight belts

  • 15-degree bend for easily attaching clips

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