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Neptonics Stretch Floatline

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The Neptonics Stretch floatline is the perfect floatline for fast running, soft fleshed species. These include Wahoo, Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, and Dogtooth Tuna. This floatline is the solution for keeping a streamlined floatline setup while still adding gradual pressure. The gradual pressure to the fish prevents your spear from pulling out. This floatline has been tested all over the world. Get your perfect bluewater spearfishing floatline today!

The Neptonics STRETCH Floatline is packed with 150% more 1400lb test Spectra. The additional spectra allows this great looking floatline to stretch and act like a bungie while fighting fish. The stretch not only wears the fish out but its shock absorbing qualities prevent the fish from tearing off the flopper or slip tip on the end of the spear. The gradual addition of back pressure is the key to preventing the fish from tearing off the spear shaft. The spliced spectra keeps the tensile strength better than other manufacturers. Splices allow the line to keep more of its strength compared to knots or crimps.

The best way to way to rig this floatline is connecting it to a hard seven or twelve liter float. The back pressure happens gradually as the fish runs and will allow the float to submerge without a sudden shock. That sudden shock that can happen with other, static floatlines is what can cause a fish to suddenly pull off of a spear shaft. This floatline in particular allows for a more even and gradual addition of pressure because it occurs across the entire length of the floatline. It works better than just adding a bungee to the end of the floatline. To learn more about how to set up a bluewater spearfishing setup check out this post.

Stretch Floatline Length Options and Stretch Lengths:

  • 50 Foot Floatline stretches to 75 Feet

  • 75 Foot Floatline stretches to 112 Feet

  • 100 Foot Floatline stretches to 150 Feet

  • 120 Foot Floatline stretches to 180 Feet

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