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Neptonics Tuna Clips

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Every spearo has a few Tuna Clips in use. They are used almost daily to clip accessories to floats, spearguns to floatlines, stringers to belts, and countless other applications. All Stainless Steel construction. These claims are the highest quality and are perfect for all spearfishing purposes. This is one of the most important pieces of equipment across most Bluewater spearfishing equipment. Make sure you have spare clips on any big trip, or just keep a few in your save a dive kit. These tuna clips are available in 1, 3, 6, and 12 packs in both 4" and 5" size options.

These are important pieces of hardware to replace periodically on floats and floatlines. Make sure you replace these parts before a big bluewater trip. These are very strong tuna clips, but over years of exposure to saltwater they can rust and get weaker. Never loose a big fish over a small, and easily replaced piece of gear. One of the biggest secrets to landing big fish is to make sure all of your dive equipment is in top condition. Periodically changing out your tuna clips is a big part of that success.

Neptonics Tuna Clips Applications:

  • Great for rigging spearfishing floats, spearguns, floatlines, breakaway systems, stringers to belts, and other applications

  • Attachment points for floats, spearguns to floatlines, stringers to belts, etc

  • Heavy duty stainless steel tuna clips

  • These are the nice Tuna Clips that are built to last

  • Sizes come in 4 and 5 inches

To learn more about the importance of changing out the hardware on your freediving and spearfishing equipment please read the Neptonics Spearfishing Academy post: Changing Rigging and Tackle in Spearfishing. Get your tuna clips today and make sure you are ready for anything your diving can throw at you. Keep your dive equipment in top condition to make sure you have a shot at landing the fish of a lifetime.

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