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Neptonics Wishbone Insertion Tool

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The Neptonics insertion tool allows you to easily insert wishbones into band material to make your own power bands. This tool is ideal for any of the wishbones we sell, including the American style, and the Euro style wishbones. Constructing power bands just got easier. Whether you are on the deck of a boat or in your garage, this tool will eliminate the struggle of inserting a wishbone with pliers or screw drivers. Our Insertion Tool is solid stainless steel and is small enough to fit in any gear bag or rigging bag.

This tool is easy one of the best additions to your dive gear to keep you a self reliant diver. The ability to tie your own bands can easily save your dive day. All you need to get to make your own bands is the wishbone insertion tool, cinch knot cord, wishbones, and your preferred band material.It is a critical skill for spearfishing travel, and makes you a valuable diver to invite out on the boat! Be a good dive buddy and make sure you have your wishbone insertion tool handy along with other essentials to keep the dive day going!

Wishbone Insertion Tool Features:

  • Easily insert wishbones into power bands

  • Works with any wishbone we sell

  • 100% Stainless Steel

  • Be a valuable dive buddy t have on a boat or trip

Learn how to tie your own speargun or pole spear power bands using the wishbone insertion tool in this video from the Neptonics YouTube Channel, or read about it on this blog post from the Neptonics Spearfishing Academy!

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