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Available in 30,50,70,100 meters

Redtide Reel with 2mm Spectra Line

Original price $89.99 - Original price $194.99
Original price
$89.99 - $194.99
Current price $89.99
With optional 2.0mm SPECTRA -1000lb+ RedTide Speargun Reels are a great reel for spearfishing. Available in several sizes from reels that hold 30, 50, 70 and 100 meters of spectra. The drag system on these reels has been beefed up and provides much better drag than stock Rob Allen Reels. Whether you're using it on a wood speargun or a Rob Allen Speargun, this reel goes on easy and fast. It slips right onto your Rob Allen speargun in seconds with no modifications needed. We also include a low profile, QUICK ON/OFF Adapter Plate if you are using this fine reel on a wood gun for easy installation. These RedTide Reels are available with Spectra / Dyneema line. Our new Spectra Line is 2.0mm and rated at 1000lbs and available in high-vis colors.

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