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Riffe Euro Spearguns

by Riffe
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The Riffe Euro Speargun is easily one of the best spearguns Riffe has to offer. The Euro series is available in seven size lengths, many with the option of an enclosed track. The open track models come standard with a rare earth metal magnet in the muzzle to make loading the spear shaft easy. The magnet also helps retain the spear shaft. The Riffe Euro speargun comes standard with pre set mounting screws, which make for an optional seamlessly mounted reel easy to install.

The low profile design allows the Riffe Euro to be tracked easily through the water. Get your spear pointed at your target species quicker with this speargun. The rear handle allows for maximum power for a traditional style speargun. Having the trigger so far back makes this speargun a chest load, but makes it a very powerful and effective speargun.

With a ballasted muzzle, magnetic track, well-designed handle, and preinstalled stainless anchor points for mounting a reel, we believe the Riffe Euro Speargun is the best model speargun Riffe makes.

Riffe Euro Speargun Features:

  • All models come standard with 9/32″ (7.1mm) Hawaiian Flopper shaft

  • Two 5/8″ (16mm) RIFFE Gorilla Power Bands

  • 5″ bungee shock cord with 500-lb. test pigtail swivel

  • Your choice of either an enclosed track or open "mag track"

  • Rubberized cushion grip

  • Silenced trigger mech

  • Safety included

  • Loading pad

  • Pre-installed threaded inserts to seamlessly add a Riffe reel

Euro Series Spearguns feature the mag track, which uses embedded magnets and a faster shaft engagement and may be used for free shafting. Riffe’s new low-profile designs are made with three vertical laminated teak strips and bolted front muzzle for added strength.

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