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Riffe Low Profile Reel

by Riffe
Original price $168.00 - Original price $219.99
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$168.00 - $219.99
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The Riffe Low Profile Reel has a clutch-type drag system with 4 positions activated by a lever on the side of the reel. The lever on the side of the reel lets you increase or decrease drag by simply pulling the lever back. Even completely locked down the reel will still allow a running fish to slowly take line, so you do not need to worry about putting two much pressure on your fish. The Riffe Low Profile Reel spool will hold about to 100 feet (30 meters) of line.

This reel mounts seamlessly on all Riffe spearguns, as well as any wood speargun. The Flat Mount reel mounts perfectly with the pre-drilled set screws on the Riffe Euro Speargun Series. The Radial Low Profile reel works perfectly for Riffe Competitor, Standard, and Mid-handle Speargun series or any other wooden speargun with a similar profile.

This reel is perfect for shallower water, or for divers focused on keeping their speargun as streamline as possible. Order this reel today as a great addition to your gear. This reel pairs perfectly with the Neptonics Universal Belt Reel Bracket.

  • Compact, lower-profile version of Riffe’s Original Horizontal Reel

  • Holds 125 feet of (600-lb test Spectra) line or 100 feet of 1000 lbs spectra

  • Lighter weight and lower profile aid in quicker tracking and maneuverability

  • Only semi-automatic reel on the spearfishing market

  • Lever-style clutch-type drag control with 4 positions:

    • Stop #1 – Free spool (bailout)

    • Stop #2 – Light drag (out) with full automatic free spool (in)

    • Stop #3 – Medium drag (out) with full automatic free spool (in)

    • Stop #4 – Heavy drag

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