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Roller Bands for Euro Rollers

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Pre-Made Roller Bands Made By Neptonics

Our pre-made roller bands are made to order with fresh band material. These are designed to fit into the Manny Sub Rollers or any other similar roller head added to a Euro style speargun. The bands are made for designated length spearguns to ensure the most power and range possible on your speargun. The rubber is 5/8" (16mm) diameter to allow 110 lbs of stored force. Make your speargun a force to be reckoned with today by super powering your roller speargun.

Construction and Design of Roller Bands

The bands come with a both rubbers connected by a wishbone with built in handle grip. The anchor point of the bands are oversized loops perfect for the Euro Roller Rubber Anchors. These rubber anchors are perfect for relaxing the tension of the bands when the speargun is in use. Relaxing the tension of the bands extends the life of your bands substantially.

Get You Bands Today!

Make sure you have your Euro roller speargun powered for your next spearing trip. If you have gone through the effort of getting a roller speargun you should make sure your bands are fresh and ready for your upcoming trip. Older bands stretch out and hold less tension with time. That tension is what propels your band with the force needed to punch through your fish. Make sure to get your new roller bands today. Make sure to get the right length bands for your speargun. Bands that are too tight are too difficult to load. Roller bands that are too long do not allow the roller speargun to work as it is designed. To lean more about how roller spearguns are designed to work please read this post: The Hype Behind Roller Spearguns. Get your new bands today!

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