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Sea Pearls Coated Lead

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This is the Sea Pearls Coated Lead Lace-thru Dive Weights

Get the convenience of hard weights without the mess. The Sea Pearls Vinyl Coated Weights are non-marking to prevent scuffs on your pool or boat. Plus, they're better for the environment. The vinyl coating prevents lead from leaching into the water and damaging the delicate balance of a lake bed or reef. Increases the life of your gear by preventing stains and scratches. Parents of junior divers will appreciate how the highly durable sealed coating also protects the diver from exposure to lead from their own weights.

Sea Pearls diving weights are colorful and fade resistant. The vinyl that coats the weights is tough, long lasting, and has a matte finish that resists scratches. It's neutrally buoyant to preserve accuracy. These heavy duty weights are practically indestructible and will survive years of diving. The contoured design makes them easy to string through a belt and comfortable to wear. The rounded edges help the weights slide easily into pockets. Explore new depths with Sea Pearls diving weights. The standard black color is great for weights to blend in with your gear, making it a good way to mark weights you plan to keep.

Choosing Your Weights

Mix and match low-numbered weights for the accuracy and versatility to adjust your buoyancy beneath the waves. For example: Instead of using two 4 lb weights to dive with 8 lbs, you can use two 1 lb weights and two 3 lb weights. That gives you the flexibility to drop down to 6 lbs as needed.


  • Protects boat decks and swimming pools

  • Prevents lead from touching your hands

  • Colorful fade resistant colors

  • Matte finish resists scratching

  • Great for use with nylon or rubber weight belts

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