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Speargun Reverse Trigger Mechanism

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The Neptonics Speargun Reverse Trigger Mechanism is the most popular speargun trigger mechanism we offer. It has the durability of our other mech with the added benefit of locking the spear shaft in at the back of the mech. This allows for an additional two inches of band stretch compared to other speargun trigger mechanisms.

The Neptonics Speargun Reverse Trigger Mechanism has an automatically resetting line release incorporated into the trigger mechanism. This makes the mech that much more easy to install and use. The Reverse Mech accepts American style, or square notched spear shafts including 9/32" and 5/16" diameters.

Speargun builders all over the United States and world are flocking to using this mech because of its effectiveness, durability, and reliability. We even use The Neptonics Speargun Reverse Trigger Mechanism in the Neptonics Double Roller. See it in action in this video. We do recommend using the Neptonics trigger jig for the Reverse Mech to make sure your retaining pins are installed correctly.

All Neptonics speargun parts, including the Neptonics Speargun Reverse Trigger Mechanism, are built in California by us. This is important because we control the quality every step of the way. Engineering, Machining, Welding, Assembly and Testing are all done by us. Its an honor to provide the spearfishing community with the finest trigger mechs available.

  • For American Square Notch Shafts such as Neptonics, Riffe, Mori shafts.

  • Used by SeaSniper & Hatch Spearguns Euro Guns

  • Auto Resetting Line Release

  • Extremely accurate trigger mechanism with smooth trigger pull

  • Strongest and Thickest Stainless Steel Housing in the world.

  • Built in California by Neptonics

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