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Spiral Flasher

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Spearfishing just got easier with these Spiral Flashers. They use the wave action to spin and throw light all over the place. They are 42 inches long and made of polished stainless steel with Holographic Tape on the spinners. Hook them up to our flasher float and suspend them 10-30 feet below the surface. Bluewater fish will seriously come flying in on them. They also work great when they are suspended a few feet over the reef. In warmer waters grouper, pargo, cabrilla, snapper and reef fish will come out of their holes and follow the flashers as they drift over the reef.

  • 42 inches long

  • 3 polished rotating reflectors

  • 12 inch squid

  • Stainless steel plates and cable

  • Can be chained to multiple flashers and the disco ball flasher

  • Flasher Float not included

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