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Ulusub Reels

by Ulusub
Original price $124.99 - Original price $199.99
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$124.99 - $199.99
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Ulusub Reels are heavy duty and are built for tough spearfishing. Ulusub reels are high strength polymer co-molded with stainless steel. With durability and practicality as top priorities, these reels are designed to perform under the toughest conditions and the toughest fish. These reels are simple, but bombproof. You can feel the quality in your hands with this reel. The streamline design reduces the risk of tangles underneath the reel. The line spools on easily, and spools off easily as that giant fish takes off into the depths. The Ulusub reels give you the opportunity to land that fish due to the unlikelihood of the reel jamming. These reels are perfect for wooden spearguns, but can be adapted to many euro style spearguns with the Euro Adaptor.

Ulusub Reel Length Options:

  • Reef 60: holds 60 yards of 1.8mm dyneema/spectra

  • Bluewater 100: holds 100 yards of 1.8mm dyneema/spectra

The Ulusub reels are bomb-proof and come in two size options. The 60 meter reel is perfect for all of your spearfishing on the reef. It gives you plenty of line for any fish that rocks up under a ledge, or in a wreck. This reel length is also perfect for a belt reel and fits perfectly on the Universal Belt Reel Bracket. The 100 meter reel is designed for bluewater spearfishing. They are specifically designed around wahoo, for those fast runs that are renowned for. Both are the perfect Ulusub reels for their own purpose. Get your reel today for any spearfishing needs you may have!

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