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Spectra Spearfishing Reel Line

2.0mm SPECTRA 1000lb+

  • High-visibility dyneema/spectra is perfect for your speargun reel or rigging your shafts
  • Superb abrasion resistance and durable UV coating
  • Neptonics Spectra Spearfishing Line is the strongest-rated line currently available
  • Its working load is 1,000 lbs and its breaking strength is more than 1,300 lbs
  • Nice and stiff, this line stands up great to coral, rocks, and wrecks
  • Both colors are high-visibility; the glow-green absolutely lights up at depth

Spectra Reel Line Short Lengths



Spectra Reel Line 180 Feet



Spectra Reel Line 1000 Feet