White Seabass Floats

White Sea Bass Floats are great for spearfishing. Once your fish is speared, attach the White Sea Bass Float to your shooting line / floatline and activate the CO2 cartridge via the cord. The float will self-inflate via the 38g CO2 cartridge and pull your fish up from depth. As a precautionary measure, the White Sea Bass Float also has an over-pressure valve to ensure the float doesn’t over-inflate.

  • The 38g CO2 cartridge is plenty to fully inflate the float at depth
  • Safety-relief valve that automatically vents excess gas
  • Can be used as an emergency signaling device
  • An essential piece of spearfishing gear
  • Size:
    • Diameter: 4 inches
    • Length: 40 inches
  • Buoyancy: 25 pounds of lift
  • 38g CO2 bottle included

Co2 Auto Inflating White Seabass Float

$76.99 $61.59

Float Keeper Pouch


Extra Co2 Refills for Seabass Float


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