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How To Video Series - Part 3 - Cutting the Mech Pocket and Line Anchor

How To Video Series - Part 3 - Cutting the Mech Pocket and Line Anchor

How to Router Speargun Trigger Mech Pockets and Line Anchor Pockets

When building a speargun, routering the pocket for the speargun trigger mech and line anchor are two critical elements. The first step is to find the center of the blank, which allows you to do all of your cuts in line. Before you start making any cuts in your speargun, plan and mark them thoroughly. It is essential that you not move the fence on the router table once you start. All of center line cuts of a speargun can be accomplished without moving the fence, and it's difficult to get a router fence perfectly back once it has been moved.

Determine how far from the back of your speargun you want to have your trigger mech.  Remember, the further back the trigger mech is set, the harder it is to load your bands. That being said, you get your power by having longer distances for band pull. You additionally need to plan where you will place your line anchor. Plan for it to be either completely ahead or behind your band slot. Be aware that the line anchor has screws that secure it, and those screws cannot be in the band slot for your bands to work properly.

Use your 1/2" plug router bit to make several passes in your planned cuts.  Trying to cut too much out at one time can be tough on your router bits. It can additionally cause the speargun blank to jump on the table and cause safety issues and mistakes.

Make sure you are aware of router table safety.  Check out this site for more information. Always be careful when using power tools.

In this video, Josh walks you through the steps of cutting the mech pocket and also recessing the line anchor in the front of your gun.

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