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How To Video Series - Part 4 - Cutting A Push Rod Track

How To Video Series - Part 4 - Cutting A Push Rod Track

How to Properly Router a Push Rod Track

A push rod is critical in constructing a mid-handle speargun.  The proper alignment and installation of the rod makes the speargun a functional work of art, and extends your gun's range and shaft length while keeping the same amount of gun in front of your hand when aiming. 

In order to properly install a push rod, you will need a router table and a 1/4" plunge router bit.  As with any major cuts, you should thoroughly plan it out. Mark your exact cuts on your speargun in preparation. Proper planning prevents poor performance (the 5 Ps).

Become familiar with router table safety before using a router table.  The link provided gives many helpful safety tips on how to properly use a router table.

After planning your cuts, the router fence needs to be properly aligned to ensure a proper cut.  Set the depth of the router bit. The track only needs to be deep enough to sit nicely below the base of the handle and the bottom of the gun. A seperate shorter and deeper track will need to be cut to allow space for the top of the trigger. Be careful about not cutting the track past the front of where the handle will sit or past the trigger slot. You do not want to make unnecessary and large gouges in the speargun. Clean cuts make for a in a cleaner looking speargun.

Below is a quick video showing how to cut a push rod track with 1/4 inch bit.

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