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How To Video Series - Part 5 - Installing a Push Rod

How To Video Series - Part 5 - Installing a Push Rod

Installing a Push Rod in Your Mid-Handle Speargun

Once you have routered the track for a mid-handle, you need to finish installing the pushrod. The length and positioning of the rod are critical to ensuring the speargun does not jam. This video demonstrates the steps required to properly install a push rod.

To ensure you are cutting everything to the proper length, you need to place your handle onto the speargun. Use a marker to identify where the remote trigger will be in the handle.  You can then remove the handle and use your marker to identify where you need to cut the pushrod.  The rod should be cut to extend just beyond the rear trigger and to the remote trigger.

Use a bolt cutter, dremmel, or bench grinder to cut the rod to length.  It is better to cut the rod too long and fine tune it rather than cut it too short.  Make small adjustments to the back end of the rod until it is the perfect length.

Grind down the rear trigger once the push rod is the perfect length. Then, cut the trigger so it does not extend beyond the wood of the gun. Otherwise the trigger can be accidentally engaged and cause you to shoot your spear without intending to.

The final step is to install the retainer.  This ensures the rod will stay in place.  It should not be restrictive to the rod, or it will cause too much resistance for it to operate properly.

The rod can be purchased at the Neptonics Push Rod page. The retainer can be purchased at the Neptonics Push Rod Retainer Page.

Check this site for router table safety tips. Always be careful when using power tools.

How to fit a push rod properly to a gun once the mech is installed and the pushrod track is cut:

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