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Dyneema Gloves "Tuna-Tested" by Neptonics

Dyneema Gloves "Tuna-Tested" by Neptonics

Watch as a neptonics team diver puts on our new Dyneema gloves to the test on a SoCal Bluefin tuna.

These gloves maintain the beloved features of other Dyneema gloves, while improving on flexibility and ease of use. Divers can put on or take off the gloves easily thanks to the interior teflon coating, even when wet. This coating also helps our gloves eliminate the "finger trapping effect" in many other gloves. It makes a huge difference when you are putting gear on in a hurry to shoot a tuna before the school moves out.

Neptonics Dyneema Gloves are 8x more abrasion resistant than kevlar. You can confidently grab a fish by the gills or grab lobster without worrying about cuts and penetrations, but at the same time divers can confidently wear then without fear of losing dexterity. The snug but flexible fit of these gloves help ensure a diver's ability use their fingers almost as well as if they weren't wearing gloves at all. The textured fingers and palms of the gloves help to ensure a sure grip of both your speargun and your catch. 

Here is what a customer said about our Dyneema Gloves: "I've been using these gloves for the last year straight have been solid gloves. Been using them for SCUBA spearing, commercial, recreational, handling, gutting, and cleaning fish. I originally bought two pairs figuring they would only last a few months like other brands of Dyneema glove ... I haven't even taken the other pair out of the bag yet! I was guaranteed that I would get at least a full year out of them. And believe me, I have. Fish don't poke through the Dyneema, grab a large fish by the gills, and nothing gets through. They fit snug, and flex well in the water, and are comfortable."

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