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Garmin Descent G1 and G1 Solar Product Review

Garmin Descent G1 and G1 Solar Product Review

Garmin Descent G1 and G1 Solar Product Review

The Garmin Descent G1 and G1 Solar are the newest in Garmin’s line of dive watches. Garmin has once again outdone itself with creating an even more impressive watch. This watch now has even more features than the other Garmin Dive watches at a lower price. 

Garmin Descent G1 Dive Modes

These watches have all the amazing dive features of the past Garmin Descent watches. They are preloaded with modes including: Freedive, Single Gas SCUBA, Multi-Gas SCUBA, and Closed Circuit Rebreather. With the built in GPS this watch is able to record your entries and exits on the surface. The watch still needs to connect with satellites for the GPS to function, so no underwater GPS. With that being said it can record up to 200 dives before it needs to sync up to the Garmin Dive App.

Dive Related Features

The Garmin Descent G1 dive related features are numerous and valuable. One of the biggest safety features is how it is compatible with the Garmin InReach Mini and Case. The ability to communicate with emergency services is one of the greatest features this watch has. Other great features include tide information and Surfline information.

Performance and Sport Watch

This watch comes pre-loaded with over 30 different sport modes, with performance tracking for all of them. The Garmin Descent G1s have the same performance features as the other Garmin Sport watches. It calculates you estimates fitness age as well as suggested workouts and recovery times. When you are done training it records helpful productivity statistics to help indicate if you are overtraining. 

Garmin Descent G1 Battery Life and Solar Charging

The biggest change in this watch is the solar charging capability. The solar element doesn’t remove the need to charge the watch, but it significantly improves the battery life of the watch. Garmin claims the watch will have a 25 hour battery life while in dive mode, and a 124 day battery life while in smartwatch mode while solar charging is enabled. They estimate the watch to last 39 hours while in GPS mode. This is a significant improvement over their other watches. 

Smart Watch Features

The Garmin Descent G1 comes with most of Garmin’s smart watch features. It has call, text, and smart notifications. It additionally has the Garmin Pay function to allow for easy purchases with compatible devices. The only feature that is cut back on this particular device is the Music function that some other Garmin watch have. For the price the Garmin Descent G1 is a hard dive watch to pass on.
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