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Garmin MK2 and MK2i Product Review

Garmin MK2 and MK2i Product Review

The Garmin MK2 and MK2i Dive Watches are not just the best dive watches on the market. They are the best smart watch on the market for a diver. All of the different dive modes make them perfect for any type of diving. They are a top of the line smart watch as well. The GPS functions make this easily the best watch for free dive spearfishing, or doing anything in the outdoors.


Dive Modes and Functions

With multiple dive modes, this series of watches is perfect for freedivers, scuba divers, and even rebreather divers. These watches are Nitrox compatible. They even allow you to set custom alarms and customize how conservative you watch is for dives. With built in GPS capability and mapping, it allows divers to record their spots, return to them, or set a drift perfectly. The Garmin Mk2i has the capability of connecting with the Descent T1 Transmitter Air Integration to monitor tank pressure, and for instructors or divemasters you are able to monitor up to five tanks that have transmitters on the regulators.


Garmin Fitness and Smart Watch Capabilities

Diving is just the start of these watches capabilities. These watches have all the capabilities of a great training watch with built in pulse oximeters and heart rate monitoring. It gives recommendations for training intensity and recovery. With countless fitness activity modes, this watch is perfect for any active person. Then there are the traditional smart watch components to these watches: pick up calls, view texts and emails, play music and so much more with downloadable apps from thousands of developers. Because it's designed for divers and outdoorsmen, this watch additionally has unmatched durability for everyday wear.


Legendary Customer Service

To top it all off, Garmin has legendary customer service that has set the standard for going above and beyond for the customer. These watches are insanely durable, so the odds of having to contact Garmin are low, but they always take care of their customers. 
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