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Garmin MK2s Product Review

Garmin MK2s Product Review

The Garmin MK2s is the best dive watch on the market in a compact package. It has all of the functions of the MK2 dive watch while maintaining the size of a normal wristwatch. This watch is hard to beat given the ease of everyday wear.


Dive Modes and Functions

With multiple dive modes, this watch is prefect for freedivers as well as scuba divers, or even rebreather divers. With built in GPS capability and mapping it allows divers to zero their spots perfectly. The big difference in this watch is that it does not integrate with the Garmin T1 Transmiter, like the Garmin Mk2i.


Garmin Fitness and Smart Watch Capabilities

Diving is just the start of this watch’s capabilities. It has all the capabilities of a great training watch, with built in pulse oximeters and heart rate monitoring. With countless fitness activity modes this watch is prefect for any active person. It also has all of the call, text, email, and app capabilities of the MK2. 


Garmin Mk2s Size

The difference in this watch from the other MK2 is its size. It is a more traditional watch size, comparable to the Garmin Phoenix. Some people see Garmin’s other dive watches and think they can be a bit bulky. The Garmin Mk2s is the solution to that.


Garmin’s Legendary Customer Service and Durability

To top it all off Garmin has legendary customer service that has set the standard for going above and beyond for the customer. These watches are very durable. They have heavy duty crystal screens that are nearly indestructible. Because of this durability you rarely ever need to contact Garmin. That being said, we have never run into an instance where Garmin has failed to assist a customer. 
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