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Hatch Amero Product Review

Hatch Amero Product Review

The Hatch Amero is a hybrid speargun design. It provides the accuracy that enclosed track American spearguns are known for, while having the streamline design of a euro speargun for tracking and maneuverability. 


Construction and Design

These Spearguns are built out of high quality teak and Neptonics parts to allow for a lifetime of durability and use. With respect to craftsmanship, these spearguns are works of art. The precise work and attention to detail make this speargun a beauty to the eye without compromising functionality. Above all else, however, the Hatch Amero is a workhorse speargun that puts fish in the cooler and on the table. Built with no extra nonsense, no gimmicky breakable components, and no bullshit, it is made tried and true to perform for years to come.



These spearguns are easily customizable with a variety of different grips and colors to choose from. Giving your own Amero a distinctive look definitely has its perks because once your buddies borrow it for a drift, the entire boat will be lined with them. Being able to differentiate with different band colors, different color tracks, and different types of handles comes in extremely handy.


Amero Size Options

The Hatch Amero comes in four different size options. This ensures the range and maneuverability of the gun for any kind of spearfishing. If you are shore diving in shallow or dirty water, the 45” (95cm) ensures laser accuracy at shorter ranges. The 60" (125cm) has the range to allow for some light bluewater spearfishing or deep reef spearing. With the 50" (105cm), and 55" (115cm) as options, you can have a speargun for any of your needs. With a consistent design, every speargun shoots the same.

Simply put, these spearguns are a combination of a beautiful wood speargun and a workhorse that puts fish on the dinner table. If you are looking for the best spearguns on the market, look no further. Get yours today at
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