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Neptonics Speargun Travel Bag Product Review

Neptonics Speargun Travel Bag Product Review

The Neptonics Speargun Travel Bag is the ultimate way to transport your dive gear locally, domestically, or internationally. If you are looking to keep all of your equipment in one bag (including spearguns!), then this is the bag for you. These speargun bags are durable, lightweight, and beautiful.


Speargun Bag Design 

The Neptonics Speargun Travel bag is designed for extended international bluewater trips. At 75 inches long, this bag can hold even the longest bluewater spearguns and shafts. If you pack this bag with care, you can easily fit three spearguns, extra shafts, and all of your dive gear. The built in shaft sleeve gives a designated place for your shafts to prevent them from being damaged. You can also insert a piece of PVC tubing into the shaft sleeve to keep spear shafts even safer in transit, which also gives a bit more rigidity to the bag.


Durability and Features

The neptonics speargun travel bag's padded ballistic nylon ensures its durability. It also protects your dive gear during the challenges of travel. There are three hook loop line fastener pockets to keep small gear organized within the speargun travel bag. Those same pockets have open compartments for more gear storage. This bag is capable of keeping all of your dive gear organized on boats from a small panga all the way up to the largest charter boats. With built-in heavy duty carrying handles and straps, it is easily carried anywhere.


All-In-One Focus

When you are planning an international or domestic trip, luggage size and weight is always a struggle. Everyone looks at hard cases as a solution, but the problem is that they are heavy and create another problem. Once you get to where you are going, you still need a bag for your equipment. Using a durable speargun travel bag to transport your gear and as a bag on the boat removes the need for you to pack a second bag.
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