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Quantum Stealth Wetsuits Product Review

Quantum Stealth Wetsuits Product Review


The Neptonics Quantum Stealth Wetsuits are top of the line elite wetsuits. The camouflage pattern blends into any dive environment. The design of the suit ensures comfort, flexibility, and function.



The Neptonics Quantum Stealth Suit is made with Yamamoto #39 Neoprene, which is easily the warmest and stretchiest neoprene on the market. The outside of the suit is made with 10 oz 4-way stretch Lycra. These two materials make the best combination of flexibility and durability on the market. You do have to be a little careful with the interior of the wetsuit, given that every suit except the 1mm is open cell. That exposed neoprene can be a little delicate when it comes to tearing from fingernails. Wetsuit glue fixes these small cuts easily to ensure a long life for your suit.


Wetsuit Camouflage Pattern

Most freedive spearfishing suits have some type of camouflage. The Quantum Stealth camouflage pattern allows divers to break up their silhouette in any dive environment by having a camouflage pattern attuned to the light restrictions down at depth.


Wetsuit Comfort Features

This suit has some amazing features built into it. The wetsuit has articulated knees, elbows, hips, neck, and shoulders. Those combined with the face, wrist, and ankle seals allow for mobility, flexibility and warmth. The loading pad on the suit totals to a 10mm loading pad, which is more than any other suit on the market. This ensures the most comfortable chest loading possible. Additionally, the suit has a vented hood to help with equalization issues. 


Safety Features

All of the suits have an integrated powerhead pocket. Additionally, the wetsuit has a built in safety whistle in the shoulder of the suit for getting the attention of nearby boats. The next piece of safety equipment is the integrated knife pocket with magnetic closure to prevent entanglements.
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