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Garmin inReach Mini Product Review

Garmin inReach Mini Product Review

The Garmin inReach Mini is the perfect solution for an offshore communication device. Additionally, they have SOS capabilities. It has connectivity anywhere a satellite can reach and can be paired with any compatible bluetooth device. The inReach Mini even has the ability to improve navigation.


Worldwide Communication

The inReach Mini runs on the Iridium satellite network. This  guarantees communication worldwide. These also allow for two way texting with a smart phone or comparable device (any of the Garmin Dive Watches). This means that your regular smart phone is now capable of worldwide communication. Alert your loved ones of your location and any other messages that may be necessary while you are on the water.


inReach Mini Navigation and Safety

The Iridium network allows you to navigate using a paired device anywhere in the world. It gives access to topographical maps and U.S. NOAA Charts. The Earthmate app can be downloaded for free and allows you to access these charts. This can dramatically improve the charts you may already have on your device, and can help keep you from running aground with the most up to date charts available.

The Garmin inReach Mini also makes as a great SOS device which can act as an EPIRB in a pinch. The device can send a signal to the Coast Guard alerting them of an issue. Additionally, you can pair these with compatible Garmin watches to send emergency messages.


inReach Mini Waterproof Case

When paired with the waterproof case, you can even take it with you in the water. The case lets you take the inReach Mini up to 100 meters, which allows you to take it with you even on scuba dives and have a SOS signal. Given the number of divers that find themselves away from the boat in heavy current, being able to have your EPIRD on your person could save your life. 
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