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Defogging Your Mask - A How To Guide

Defogging Your Mask - A How To Guide

Defogging Your Mask - A How To Guide

When humans invented ships, they invented shipwrecks. And when humans invented dive masks, we also invented mask fog.  We will be going over some of the causes and solutions to mask fog to keep your mask lenses clear. 


Why Masks Fog Up

Dive masks fog up for a couple of reasons. New masks fog up because they come with protective coating of silicone sprayed inside the mask to prevent scratching while the mask is traveling to stores to be sold. This coating is more susceptible to the differences in temperature from a divers face and the environment around them, which leads to fog. There are several methods for removing this silicone layer, some of which are more effective than others.  


How Mask Defog Works

Even after treating a mask, you can still have challenges with your mask fogging up while diving and you will still need to use some kind of mask defog while diving. The defog creates a thin layer on the inside of your mask that prevents water from condensing on the lens of the mask.


How to Treat a New Mask

There are a couple of techniques to remove the silicone layer on a new mask.  The most effective method only works on masks with tempered glass lenses. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD ON PLASTIC LENSES. For this method, you a lighter to burn off the the silicone layer on the inside.  Check out this video as an example.  

Another method is to use toothpaste or a de-greasing soap and to rub it into the lenses for 20-30 minutes with a toothbrush or your thumb.  It takes longer than the lighter, but you aren’t risking overheating any of the seals on your mask.
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