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Dive Jackets - Staying Warm Out of The Water

Dive Jackets - Staying Warm Out of The Water

Dive Jackets - Staying Warm Out of The Water

Dive jackets are a critical way to stay warm between dives, on the way out, and on the way in on chilly days on the boat. After you use one, you will never go on a trip to a chilly place without it. If you are cold out of the water, it is all that much more difficult to stay warm in the water. 


Types of Dive Jackets

There are only a few different options and styles of jackets designed for diving and wearing over a wetsuit. The primary function of these jackets is to keep a diver warm.  Most of these jackets accomplish this by reducing the amount of wind that can get to the diver. Outside of this, they are loaded with insulation, and are made of materials that are easily cleaned and don’t absorb too much water.


Hyperflex Dive Jackets

Hyperflex makes closed cell neoprene hoodies. Wear these jackets over a wetsuit, or against bare skin before, after, or between activities in the water and you will not be cold. These jackets are windproof and hold little to no water. They do stop at the waist, but take up less space than other brands. They're great for those who get the shivers from spray in the winter, but aren't looking to have a massive long coat on the boat with them.


Surf-Fur Dive Jacket

Surf-Fur jackets use a windproof and waterproof fabric which helps to keep you dry and warm. These jackets are longer, covering your legs. Additionally, they have built in through-pockets which allow you to change out of your swim trunks or wetsuit after your trip while remaining covered. One of the biggest benefits to this style jacket is that it is machine washable. However, one downside to it is that it does have a tendency to collect fish scales, which means the machine washable benefit comes in handy a lot more often than you'd thing. The other downside is they are bulky. This isn’t a big deal if you are using it a lot in your waterways at home, but it makes it a challenge to travel with. 


Other Techniques to Stay Warm in Cold Water

A hot thermos of water is super helpful to get you warm in your wetsuit. Wetsuits work by allowing a small amount of water to come in contact with your skin and allowing your body heat to warm that water. At that point, the wetsuit is just insulating you from the water around you. If you are able to pour warm water down your suit before hopping in the water, you can get that insulated water on your skin without having to waste your body heat and energy to get the water warm. A second thermos of warm soup to eat or drink is also helpful to keep your core temperature up. 

We hope this article helped you find ways to keep warm, and if you have any questions for the shop, feel free to call us at +1-813-867-3250!

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