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Picking the Perfect Spearfishing Wetsuit

Picking the Perfect Spearfishing Wetsuit

Picking the right spearfishing wetsuit can be a challenge. There are so many options on the market nowadays, and a wide range of prices and features available. In this post we will go over some of the options out there, and what to look for in a quality spearfishing wetsuit.


Quality Neoprene

One of the biggest differences between a good wetsuit and a bad wetsuit is the quality of its neoprene. A high quality neoprene is both stretchy and sturdy. As the stretchiness increases, the sturdiness tends to get worse, which means it's best to look for an established wetsuit brand or neoprene kind to know that the manufacturers have worked out the best balance of each. The gold standard for spearfishing wetsuit neoprene is Yamomoto 39. It is the best balance to give wetsuits thermal protection, durability, and comfort. Some great examples of wetsuits that use Yamomoto 39 neoprene in their wetsuits is the Neptonics Quantum Stealth and Stealth wetsuits and the Riffe Digi-Tek suits.


Open Cell and Closed Cell Spearfishing Wetsuits

The decision between open cell wetsuits and closed cell wetsuits comes down to which is best for thermal protection. Open cell wetsuits provide better thermal protection than the closed cell wetsuits, which means if you're diving in chilly water, you'll want an open cell. Open cell wetsuits have exposed neoprene on the interior of the wetsuit that goes directly against the diver’s skin. Closed cell wetsuits have a fabric on the interior of the suit. The fabric improves the wetsuits durability, but significantly reduces how warm the suit is. Most suits designed for spearfishing are two-piece open cell suits. These spearfishing wetsuits offer the most flexibility and warmth.

That being said, if you're diving in warmer tropical water, the closed cell is often the way to go because they are much easier to put on and are much more durable. 


Comoflage Patterns 

Camouflage patterns are common for spearfishing wetsuits. However, there is some debate on if camouflage patterns are actually beneficial in spearfishing. Some divers are hard set on believing that proper camouflage patterns make a big difference in spearfishing. Fish do have several senses that humans do not have for perceiving their environment. Breaking up a diver’s visual silhouette cannot hurt the diver’s chance at landing a fish, but there are other factors at play beyond sight.  Most of the decision for camouflage patterns on suits really comes down to a divers personal preference on the wetsuit’s appearance.


Accessory Pouches on Spearfishing Wetsuits

One of the biggest differences between different spearfishing wetsuits comes down to the accessory pouches available on the suits. The Neptonics Quantum Stealth and Stealth wetsuits come with several pouches and safety features that are not common on other suits, like a safety whistle, powerhead pouch, and a pocket for a flasher or knife. This makes them ideal options tailored to spearfishing.
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