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Where to Put Your Dive Knife

Where to Put Your Dive Knife

Every diver needs to carry a dive knife for safety purposes. The challenge is where to put the knife to keep it from becoming a safety hazard itself. We go over some of the best knives and where they are best placed on a diver for the best access, while keeping streamline on a diver.



Most freedivers like to wear their dive knife on their weight belts. Because freediving tends to be minimalistic in the amount of equipment a diver can carry, most gear ends up on the weight belt. Many knives, like the Salvimar Atlantis Knife, have sheaths that allow a diver to keep their knife securely on the weight belt. Keeping your knife on your weight belt has the benefit of being accessible in an emergency. The challenge of having your dive knife on your weight belt is that it may become an entanglement hazard. The benefit of a quick-release weight belt is that if it gets entangled, you can drop it without risk to yourself.



Some divers prefer the classic style of keeping their knife on their forearm or on the calves of their leg. The benefits of doing this really just come down to muscle memory. If this is how you have always carried your knife, and it works for you, keep doing it. There are some big disadvantages to keeping your knife on your arm or calves. The first is that you can only reach it with one hand. This is a big issue if your other hand is the hand that is tangled up and can’t move. The problem with keeping your dive knife on your calves is that it always falls down onto your ankle, unless you have super well defined calves, and both are entanglement hazards that are much harder to deal with than the weight belt. 


Dive Knife Pocket

Another great place to keep your knife is in a designated pocket on your wetsuit. The Neptonics Quantum Stealth Wetsuit is a perfect example. The benefits to this is you keep your dive knife in an accessible location, while keeping the knife from becoming an entanglement hazard. The biggest challenge with keeping the knife in a pocket is remembering to clean it after your dive trip.
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