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by Koah
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$594.99 - $684.99
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The KOAH Euro Spearguns are complete and outfitted to take down anything in its reach. They are slim, sleek, and weight ballasted. This speargun is sure to set the bar in performance. The Euro is equipped with 9/32" poured enclosed track. This increases accuracy and prevents shaft whip. The Speargun is powered by two 5/8 bands to extend the range and power of the gun.

The Koah Euro Speargun come standard with the reverse trigger mechanism for an additional two inches of band stretch. The extra band pull gives the speargun that much more range, because every inch counts! It also makes this speargun a chest load type speargun, like most Euro style spearguns. The aggressive rake (angle) handle evens out the weight of having the entire stock in front of you to increase maneuverability and accuracy.

All Koah Euro Spearguns are coated in epoxy to give the speargun that refined look. This epoxy coating also serves a valuable purpose of keeping water from intruding into the speargun. It keeps the speargun looking new and helps keep the speargun in top performance condition.

The Koah Euro Spearguns muzzle and side channels were designed to pull the inner band close to the shaft, down the length of the speargun to create lateral band pull which greatly reduces recoil. The low profile design allows for easy tracking through the water. The Koah Euro Spearguns are measured from front of Trigger mechanism to tip of the speargun's muzzle.

Total stock (from gun butt to tip of muzzle) is as follows:

  • 90cm has 44" stock length

  • 100cm has 48" stock length

  • 110cm has 52" stock length

  • 120cm has 56" stock length

  • 130cm has 60" stock length

  • 140cm has 64" stock length

Order your Koah Euro Speargun today! Never compromise on accuracy and maneuverability again.

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