Speargun Epoxy

Epoxy Kit

The Herranen Speargun Epoxy Kit is specially formulated for laminating speargun woods and finish coatings on spearguns. This epoxy is clarified, which means it won't yellow in the sun or over time like other epoxies. This Epoxy kit comes with 30 ounces of clarified speargun epoxy. That is almost two pounds of epoxy, which is enough to completely coat two entire spearguns.
  • Specially formulated epoxy for laminating speargun woods
  • Clarified, which means it won't yellow in the sun or over time like other epoxies
  • Kit comes with 30 ounces (almost two pounds) of epoxy
  • Enough to completely coat two entire spearguns
  • See instructions below for proper use
 Please call us at 650-868-4211 if you have any questions about this product or laminating your speargun.
  • Epoxy Information
    • 2/1 ratio
    • 7 hr hard time @ 78 degrees, 7 days full cure
    • Working time 20 min at 78 degrees
  • General
    • Do not thin epoxy
    • Always fully mix epoxy before adding any fillers or pigments
  • Mixing
    • Mix slowly and make sure to scrape the sides and bottom to limit bubbles and to get a complete mix
    • Only add pigments/fillers after mixing
DO NOT start assembling the gun for at least 4-6 days to give the resin time to cure (it will be very easy to scratch the first couple days)



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Weight8 oz