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Teak Oil Kit

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Complete Teak Oil Kit for Treating Your Wooden Speargun

The Neptonics Teak Oil Kit comes with 2oz of teak oil, two squares of sand paper (120 & 220), and one Wypall application towel. The kit provides enough supplies to treat your speargun up to 5 times.

  • 2oz of Teak Oil

  • 1 Wypall Lint Free Towel

  • 2 Squares of Sand Paper

Why Treating Your Speargun with Teak Oil is Important

Maintaining your spearfishing equipment is important. Your speargun is no exception to that rule. By lightly sanding your speargun and applying teak oil you can improve the performance and life of your speargun. The teak oil helps prevent water intrusion which keep the speargun more buoyant in the water. A speargun that is not weighed down from water intrusion moves more easily through the water and gets the spear pointed at the fish that much quicker. Teak is good at dealing with water and does not rot often, but it is still good to do some extra preventative maintenance.

Restoring Older Spearguns

If your wooden speargun is looking like an old piece of driftwood you can easily restore it to its former glory with the Neptonics Teak Oil Kit. A little bit of sand paper to get rid of any blemishes and a few coats of teak oil will make your speargun look showroom ready again with just a small amount of effort. This high quality teak oil will help ensure that your speargun comes back to life, or keeps it from looking old and beaten up. Get your gear back to looking pristine today!

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