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Choosing The Right Speargun Grip For You

Choosing The Right Speargun Grip For You

A speargun grip is an often overlooked piece of gear that can dramatically impact your spearfishing. Having a grip that fits well in your hand is an underestimated value when diving. A textured grip can enhance your dive experience. Additionally, different color options can help differentiate your speargun from your dive buddy’s spearguns that may be similar. There are a bunch of reasons why a quality grip can be useful. Any speargun that uses a Neptonics Handle Base, Neptonics Rear Handle Kit, or Neptonics Mid-Handle Kit can accept a wide variety of interchangeable handles to provide you with the perfect handle for your diving needs.


Textured Speargun Grip

Textured grips, like Hogue grips, have been increasingly popular in spearfishing. The textured grip allows the diver to have that much more control over their speargun. It may seem like a small difference in the feel of a speargun, but those small differences can add up. A grip that feels good in your hands can make the difference between a confident shot and a complete miss. With that being said, the standard A2 Grip is still a tried and true classic that has been used by the military for decades. 


Keeping Consistent Across All of Your Spearguns

An important consideration for any speargun grip is that you will want to keep consistent. You should have the same or a similar grip on all of your spearguns. You do not want to have to mentally adjust from one speargun to another. That means if you are using the Hogue Rubberized Grip on one of your spearguns, you should consider upgrading all of your spearguns to match it.


Identifying Your Speargun with a Grip

One of the biggest benefits to upgrading your grip is to make your speargun more identifiable. That may sound like a strange reason to upgrade your grip, but it can be important if you and your dive buddies all use similar spearguns. If you are about to hop off the boat and your speargun is under the gunnel with three other Super Amero Spearguns it is nice to be able to say “The one with the Hot Pink handle” to get in the water that much quicker.
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