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Riffe Speargun Series - A Look at Riffe Speargun Models

Riffe Speargun Series - A Look at Riffe Speargun Models

Riffe has been on the forefront of spearfishing since the 1970s. With decades of consistently creating quality spearfishing equipment, it only makes sense that their spearguns are held in high regard. With this article, we will be taking a look at some of their more popular models.


Riffe Euro

The Riffe Euro Speargun is easily one of the best freediving wooden spearguns on the market. The Euro is a wooden speargun that is designed to be streamlined and track easily through the water. This speargun is powered by two 5/8” (16mm) power bands that can be easily be exchanged. Riffe has set the trigger for this speargun near the back of the gun to allow for maximum power for the length of the speargun. The rear handle design ensures easy point and shoot capability. Overall, this wooden speargun is hard to beat, with many models coming in both open and enclosed track options. 


The Competitor

The Riffe Competitor Speargun series is a classic. This particular design has been around, in some form or another, for around 20 years. The reason it has been around so long is simple: it works! With a narrow mahogany wood design, it is easy to see and track your fish as you are looking down the speargun. This speargun is easily hip loaded, as the trigger is located further forward on the stock. With a traditional band slot, it is easy to install pre-made power bands on the gun.


Riffe Marauder

The Riffe Marauder Speargun is a great design for bluewater spearfishing, and the smaller models are also deadly on the reef. In fact, it's the gun I shoot on the reef myself. The laminated mahogany stock helps prevent warping, cuttlefish body design adds mass but still allows the speargun to track easily through the water, and the rubber on the handle is perfect for getting a good grip. The added mass from the cuttlefish shape reduces recoil, allowing for more power on the speargun than it's similar sized competitors. The added power translates to more penetration through fish from further away. This makes the Riffe Marauder a tempting option for any hunter. Available in three lengths, you can shoot from the reef to bluewater.
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