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Koah Speargun Comparison

Koah Speargun Comparison


Koah has become an established brand for spearguns over the past decade. They are widely used throughout Florida, and have been gradually expanding their influence throughout the United States and the world. Koah builds high quality teak spearguns with enclosed tracks. Their glossy epoxy coating sets these spearguns apart from other teak spearguns. This coat gives these spearguns a refined and finished look that makes these spearguns last and look good on the boat and even on the wall of your home. All of the different Koah Spearguns have a wide range of different length options based on the model. To get an idea of the right length speargun for you, check out this blog post.


The Battle Axe

The Koah Battle Axe Speargun is the flagship speargun in Koah’s line of guns. The Battle Axe is the best scuba spearfishing speargun on the market. It comes stock with a spare shaft and spare shaft holder, and is designed to be a hip loading speargun.

The biggest challenge with spearguns designed to be shot freeshafting is how difficult it is to put a line on the spear should you need a line. The Koah Battle Axe solves this problem with a quick and easy to use slide ring. The line and slide ring are retained in a streamline way on the underside of the speargun. If you need a line shaft you can quickly put the slide ring over the tip of the spear shaft. This becomes very important for shooting cobia or amberjacks.


Koah Euro Spearguns

Koah’s Euro Spearguns are designed around freediving. The Koah Euro still uses American shafts with shark fin tabs and has an enclosed track. The speargun is streamlined for easy tracking through the water. The Euro design is different from their others because the speargun's trigger is set so far back on the speargun. That makes this speargun have as much range as possible for its length.


Koah Bluewater Speargun

The Koah Bluewater is a beast of a speargun. Powered by four bands, this speargun has the power and range to take down most bluewater water species. It has the mass needed to compensate for the power of all the bands it holds. The Bluewater Standard series has more wood behind the trigger to make hip loading easier, and the Bluewater Mid-Plus has a pushrod that sets the trigger further back, to make use of the full length of the speargun.


Roller Speargun Series

The Koah Roller Speargun, or the Reef Roller Speargun, is Koah’s design for a roller speargun. This speargun comes standard with a single roller band to extend the range of the speargun. The roller band has a multi-stage load, meaning you load the actual roller band initially, then you flip the speargun and tighten the band with slots on the underside of the speargun. The kicker band helps initially propel the spear, making the spear accelerate quickly on the trigger pull. In a pinch, you can just load the kicker band if you need to reload the speargun quickly.


Koah Fatback Speargun

The Koah Fatback has become a very popular Koah speargun model. It functions a bit in between the Euro and the Battle Axe.  The Speargun is narrow and maneuverable in the front, but a bit more bulky in the back to deal with recoil. It has the standard option, which has the trigger further forward for hip loading. Alternatively, the Mid-Plus has a push rod and puts the trigger further back for more range. You need to chest load the Mid-Plus. It does not come with spare shafts or shaft holder like the Battle Axe.
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