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JBL Spearguns Revival - How The Classic Brand Came Back

JBL Spearguns Revival - How The Classic Brand Came Back

JBL spearguns have been a part of spearfishing for decades. They have gone through though phases of dominating the market, to having some challenges, and back to being a quality product. JBL spearguns are worth seriously considering when you look at new spearguns.


History of Success

JBL is one of the oldest spearfishing brands. They have stood the test of time. They were originally known for having simple, high quality spearguns. JBL spearguns were always easy to use and meant to last. Many of their guns were long railgun designs that were great for taking long shots on big fish. If your dad or grandfather were big spearos back in the day, there is a good chance they were using a JBL. One of the best things about them was that they were available everywhere and at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, that was part of the reason for their decline.


The Decline

JBL spearguns never really had a dramatic decline in quality, but they stagnated terribly. JBL also were available just about everywhere. While that can be a good strategy when you are one of only three options on the market, being everywhere started to make JBL spearguns look ‘cheap’ rather than valuable when more speargun brands that made high quality products started popping up. As more options became available on the market they failed to adapt and eventually started to lose market share to newer companies that were making better products designed around customer needs and wants. This continued until ownership of JBL changed hands around 2010.


The Revival of JBL Spearguns

Once JBL changed hands, they took a dramatically different approach to how they do business and brought the company into the modern era. Over the past several years, JBL gradually focused on creating quality products that were centered on creating the maximum value for a diver at a good price point. They took their classic design and refined what was great about them, while improving other aspects of their guns. One of the areas that JBL spearguns excel is their scuba spearguns. With most of their wooden spearguns designed to be hip loaded, they are designed to be used by scuba divers. Some JBL spearguns, like their euro style speargun, the Reaper, are newer additions to their line, but are high quality. The reaper is perfectly paired with the JBL Pacific Reel, which is a simple, but well built spearfishing reel. Because of this new across the board quality on updated products like the pacific, JBL is back on the rise as speargun companies go.
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