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Riffe 3ATM Float - Product Review

Riffe 3ATM Float - Product Review

Riffe has always been at the forefront of spearfishing technology. They have always had a focus on building quality equipment, and their 3ATM Float is no exception to that rule. Riffe designed this float to work on big fish like tuna that are notorious for destroying even the toughest spearfishing equipment. 


Built on Quality

The Riffe 3ATM float is tough. It is made with a durable vinyl coating which has a 320 pound per square inch tear strength. This makes the float hard to damage. This is important both when fighting fish and when traveling to remote parts of the world. The urethane bladder inside the float can be replaced, but that is really unnecessary with such a durable float. The bladder is made with 1000 pound test Denier nylon to allow even distribution of the pressure throughout the float. All of the hardware is stainless steel to handle the tough saltwater environment and ensure years of hard use.


How the Riffe 3ATM Float Works

The concept of the Riffe 3ATM Float works on some basic principles from physics. As most inflatable floats get pulled underwater, it starts to loose buoyancy. This is a result of the depth causing increased pressure on the air inside the inflatable float. The float lifts less and less as it is pulled further underwater. This allows larger fish to continue diving deeper and deeper with less and less resistance. The Riffe 3ATM Float solves this problem. You need to pressurize the float at the surface for it to work properly. By having the float pressurized, it maintains its displacement until it reaches a depth of 66 feet, or 20 meters. This float displaces the equivalent of 33L which equates to 95 pounds of lift. This much buoyancy is enough to stop almost any fish.

Where it Belongs On Your Bluewater Setup

The Riffe 3ATM float is a serious bluewater float. It has a lot of displacement and can be larger than most bluewater spearfishing may require. It does have the benefit of being inflatable,  so it is a great option for traveling because it will deflate down. Most serious bluewater divers targeting trophy fish will use multiple floats. The Riffe 3ATM float is the  perfect anchor float for the end of your bluewater setup. For more information on setting up your bluewater spearfishing rig, check out this post.
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