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Picking the Right Rob Allen Speargun For You

Picking the Right Rob Allen Speargun For You

Picking the Right Rob Allen Speargun For You

Rob Allen has always been a great manufacturer of Euro style spearguns. With nine different size options in their arsenal, they have a speargun option that will work well for any type of spearfishing. Rob Allen Spearguns have legendary durability, which has always set them apart from other “Rail Gun” style spearguns. These spearguns are manufactured in South Africa. They are designed for a tough environment, and even tougher fish. Rob Allen Spearguns are the standard for a streamlined and durable euro style speargun all over the world. 

These spearguns are measured by the millimeter. That means the Rob Allen Tuna 700 has a tube that is 70 centimeters in length, and the Tuna 1500 has a 1.5 meter tube. The model number corresponds to the length for each model. Rob Allen has a number of models of spearguns, but over the years we have found that the Tuna Model is our favorite at Neptonics.


Short Range Rob Allen Spearguns 

The short range spearguns have maneuverability as a priority, which mans they give up some range. Just because these spearguns are short doesn’t mean they lack power. All Rob Allen spearguns are powered by two 16mm bands. That means they store approximately 220 pounds of force to launch the spear shaft. Here is a breakdown of the shorter range spearguns in their arsenal.


Tuna 700

The Tuna 700 is the shortest speargun Rob Allen manufactures. It is one of the most maneuverable spearguns on the market. This speargun still has the power and range you need for large fish in limited visibility, but it really shines when spearfishing under ledges or in holes. Its maneuverability makes this a lethal hunting tool in tight spaces.


Tuna 800

The difference between any two adjacent speargun lengths is minimal. Ten centimeters is just under four inches. Typically, a speargun’s range is determined by its length. Most spearguns have a range of two or three times the distance from the back of the band slot to where the band wishbone connects to the spear shaft. That means with each increase in a Rob Allen speargun model, you may add about a foot of range. As spearguns get longer they become less maneuverable. So as you are picking the right Rob Allen Speargun for you you need to weigh your options for the diving you are doing. The Tuna 800 is solidly in the middle of the shorter range models. 


Tuna 900

The Rob Allen Tuna 900 speargun is really the end of the short range spearguns in the Rob Allen line. With a maximum range of eight or nine feet (2.5 meters), it still counts a maneuverable, but can be a little much for tight spaces under ledges and rocks. In challenging visibility, you can be stuck with not being able to see the end of your speargun. From a safety perspective it is important to be able to see beyond the tip of your speargun. If you are frequently diving in about ten feet of visibility and shooting fish in the column or in the open on the reef, the Tuna 900 makes for the perfect combination of range and maneuverability. 


Mid-Range Rob Allen Spearguns

The Mid-Range Rob Allen Spearguns are some of the best all around spearguns on the market. Because these spearguns are so streamlined, they track well in the water. The tracking helps get you on target quickly and accurately. These spearguns also have the range and power to land larger reef fish and even smaller pelagic species. 


Tuna 1000

The Rob Allen Tuna 1000 can still be used as a short range speargun in a pinch, and is a great starter speargun length. It is a bit long for shore diving in limited visibility, and it is a bit short for landing amberjacks or bigger cobia. With that being said, it can do both with some luck and skill. The Tuna 1000 will teach you to be a skilled hunter, while allowing you to learn what you may want to look for in your next speargun purchase for a specific situation. 


Tuna 1100

The Tuna 1100 is probably the best all around speargun in the Rob Allen line of spearguns. With a maximum effective range of approximately 11 feet (just over 3 meters), just about everything on the reef is a possibility. The Tuna 1100 still is streamlined and maneuverable. This is also a popular length to convert to a roller speargun. Converting the Rob Allen Tuna 1100 starts to turn this model into the start of a bluewater speargun, but it still remains versatile while increasing the effective range 4 to 5 feet. I've seen a roller converted Tuna 1100 take a 50lb kingfish the dive after taking a big black grouper. By using the Manny Sub Roller conversion kit you have the option to turn it into a single roller, or a double roller. 


Tuna 1200

The Rob Allen Tuna 1200 is where these spearguns start to get a bit long. It is a great speargun for reefs with clear visibility where closing the distance on fish can be difficult. On reefs where you need the range, the 1200 is a great option. The challenge with guns at this length and longer is that they become hard to load and maneuver to track reef fish. The tigger mechanism on the Rob Allen spearguns are very far back on the speargun. This is great because it allows you to get the maximum range for the length of the speargun, but that means that you need to use specific loading techniques to properly load the speargun easily. For a demonstration, please look at this post and video. Adding the optional Rob Allen Loading Pad also makes it easier to load the speargun.


Long Range Rob Allen Spearguns

The Long Range Rob Allen Spearguns are very specific tools for a narrow range of divers. These rail spearguns are designed for bluewater spearing. Because of their low profile in the water, they are ideal for deeper dives. However, they lack enclosed tracks, and are limited by only having two bands. Having more bands would cause greater inaccuracy due to overpowering, but only having two limits the penetrating power of the speargun. There are several pelagic species that these guns have enough power to get through. Other species, like billfish and larger tuna may need a larger speargun to get a better chance of landing them. 


Tuna 1300

The Tuna 1300 is a great introduction to bluewater spearfishing. It has the range to start targeting pelagic species in a serious way. Like all bluewater guns, it is not an easy speargun to load, but it is certainly the easiest of the long range Rob Allen spearguns. If you are specifically targeting bluewater species you may want to look at a longer speargun than even this one, but if you do some diving on the reef and have to take long shots this gun will still work, but you need clear water to use it effectively. 


Tuna 1400

The Rob Allen Tuna 1400 is a big speargun. It is still streamlined, just like all of these spearguns, but it is still long, which generates a good bit of drag.  The handle being so far back does make moving such a long object through the water difficult, but if you keep the speargun tucked up under your body as you dive, it gives you the leverage necessary to close the distance on your fish, then you can use the motion of pointing the gun to get on target and further close the distance on your target. 


Tuna 1500

If the 1400 is a big speargun, this one is a monster. If you're traveling far, this might not be the gun for you because at some point it is just hard to transport spearguns while traveling because of their length. The Tuna 1500 takes a 190cm spear shaft. Trying to transport a 2 meter long bag around the world gets very expensive very quickly. However, this speargun has some ridiculous range. It can launch a spear shaft approximately 16 feet and punch through most fish. It doesn’t have the power to string billfish, but wahoo, mahi, and even dogtooth tuna are all handled well by this beast.

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