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Getting Into Spearfishing for Cheap

Getting Into Spearfishing for Cheap

Once you have the basic freediving equipment, you may be wondering about the best way to get into spearfishing. There are countless options on the market with a wide range of price points. Every diver has different goals, and those goals should help determine your priorities. Spearfishing adds a new element to freediving, and the minimum required equipment does not have to break your bank account. 


Spearguns For Getting Into Spearfishing

The most popular method of harvesting fish is by using a speargun. There are countless options of different spearguns on the market, but the trick is to find the right speargun for you. Once you have figured out the type of speargun that suits your needs, it comes down to finding the right speargun for the value. If you are new to the sport and want to figure out if you will enjoy the sport you may want to look at Euro style rail spearguns. They tend to be less expensive, but some brands are less durable. If you know that spearfishing is your sport, you may want to free up the cash for a more durable speargun. Going a little more expensive can save you from buying more spearguns than you need. You don't need to buy the best gun ever, but something like a JBL reaper comes with great durability and a reasonable price tag. It comes down to the ‘Buy Once, Cry Once’ idea when making important purchases. 


Pole Spears

Pole spears used to be the cheap way of getting into the sport and getting better at hunting. Now there are several high quality pole spears on the market that are more expensive than some spearguns. These pole spears have similar range and more power than some smaller spearguns. You can still find a few inexpensive pole spears on the market for starting out, but most people who really commit to spearfishing will outgrow them. The cheap pole spears are still great options for people still getting comfortable in the water, or kids just getting into spearfishing. 



There are some accessories in spearfishing you can save some money on. For example, you don’t need a super expensive dive light. The nice thing about not using a dive light is that you won’t even see the fish you are missing in holes and under ledges. Other than safety equipment like knives and gloves, most accessories are designed to just make your life easier. So if you like your life to be a little more comfortable, there are tons of accessories on the market for you. If you want to spearfish with the minimum equipment, you better be tough. Just remember to maintain all of your safety equipment at a minimum. Being frugal is one thing, but your safety should always your top priority. 
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